Dane Egelton – CSI Australia

Dane Egelton is a Senior Environmental Scientist based in NSW. He has 13 years’ experience with contaminated land assessments including, groundwater investigations, vapour intrusion sampling and fugitive gas emission investigations. The projects associated with this work have been for both government and private sectors, across a wide range of sites and environments across Australia.
Ground Gas Assessments including vapour intrusion, landfill gas and fugitive CSG emissions have been the focus of work over the past 8 years – to the extent that Dane is now one of Australia’s leading scientists in this area of site investigation. Dane has extensive experience with sampling a multitude of different sample types for a wide range of compounds.
Dane is experienced in the collection and analysis of samples for gas composition and VOC’s using gas chromatography (GC). Today he has a micro GC with an electron capture detector for measurement of ultra low level TCE and PCE in air and soil gas.